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Australia is a big country, but thankfully there’s plenty of choice when it comes to finding the best place to retire.

Here’s just a few of the locations we have researched. The following may help you choose from some of the best places in Australia for retirees. How will you find the perfect spot for your new life?

If you’re looking for somewhere warm, sunny (well, mostly!) and with plenty of activities on offer, then Australia is worth considering.

Australia’s climate may vary across its vast expanse, but there are hundreds of great spots that offer everything from golf courses and tennis courts, to hiking tracks, fishing spots and activities for good brain health, plus there are lots of ‘retirees’/second career people doing interesting things.

We wrote of 101 people around Australia who retired and wanted to do something else, in Retire Bizzi. From profitable hobbies, home based businesses to part time (and more) work we were lucky to discover the creativity of people.

Aussie towns like Bribie Island near Brisbane or Echuca on the Murray River are packed with amenities and activities, while Victor Harbor and St Helens are also options to consider if you want to be by the sea.

Blue, white and black butterfly sitting on a pink flower with a bright blue background
Bribie Island Butterfly House, Kylie OSullivan
Bribie Island Map  .id.com.au
Bribie Island Map .id.com.au

Bribie Island, Queensland

Bribie Island has amazing coastal scenery, a causal atmosphere and diverse wildlife.  It’s located around 88 kilometres north of Brisbane.  Our friend Max, moved from another Australian state and just loves the mild weather. He also likes the ‘good and accessible medical facilities’.  Bribie Island has certainly grown since we first started researching ‘Where To Retire In Australia’.

Larger river with mirror image of clouds above, green gum trees either side of the river
Murray River, Tim Davies
Echuca. Map: .id.com.au
Echuca. Map: .id.com.au

Echuca, Victoria

Echuca, with a population of around 15,500, is located along the Murray River. It’s a great place for outdoor activities such as fishing or boating on the river or hiking through the nearby parklands. Echuca also has some great cafes where you can enjoy morning coffee or afternoon tea!

Anne Peace has lived in Echuca for over 32 years.  She says that there’s many benefits of living in Echuca such as the flat terrain, which makes walking and bicycle riding easy, there’s only four sets of traffic lights and it’s the closest point to Melbourne on the Murray River.

You can read more about Anne and Echuca here.

If you’re after something more rural, then try the Margaret River area in Western Australia or Orange in New South Wales.  Both locations have impressive vineyards and excellent regional produce.  

Looking up at red, pink and orange autumn leaves
Orange Botanic Gardens, NSW Elizabeth Spencer
Orange Map. .id.com.au

Orange, New South Wales

Winters in Orange do get chilly, but the sensational Autumn colours are well known.  One former Sydney-sider told me that one of the things he really likes about living in Orange is the lack of traffic and the ease of getting a parking spot when shopping or going to the theatre. Orange has wonderful wineries, good shopping and amazing experiences. ‘Foodies’ will be drawn to this area.

Inland waterway that joins the ocean, a kayaker on the waterway with a yellow top and dark pants.
Margaret River, Western Australia, Joshua Leong

Margaret River, Western Australia

We’ve researched the Margaret River area several times – and don’t forget Augusta which is a few kilometres down the road.  If you’re into surfing this is the place.  However, surfing is just one activity! The manager of the mountain biking shop ‘The Hairy Marron’ told me that all types of people love mountain biking.  From gentle cyclers to adventurers the area offers a lot.

Margaret River Map .id.com.au
Margret River Map .id.com.au
a view from a high cliff over a small island in a bay with a town in the far distance with mountains in the background.
Victor Harbor, Zac Edmonds

Victor Harbor, South Australia

Victor Harbor has been a favourite place for retirees for a long time. It’s also a place favoured by visitors.  The spectacular scenery of the coast is a drawcard, but there’s also so much to do! According to one GP I visited, the medical facilities are ‘excellent’ (No bias there!). Nearby is the village of Port Elliot – a beautiful place. It’s said that some of the scenes of the film, Storm Boy, were filmed in the main street. The facades of the shops were just perfect. (By the way, yes, that’s how they spell ‘habor’).

Where To Retire In Australia. Where are some of the good places to consider?  From tropical climate  to Mediterranean climate and in between - there are many has many choices in deciding where to retire.
Georges Bay, David Clode

St Helens, Tasmania

St Helens is situated on Tasmania’s east coast and offers an abundance of activities from boating and fishing to walking along the beautiful white sand beach nearby. The number of days of sunshine are legendary.  We’ve met people from interstate who visited and like it so much – well, you can guess what happened!  One man said he sold in Sydney and ‘where in Sydney could you lie on your sofa and watch the whales drift by!’ 

Where to retire? Well Australia is a pretty good spot to consider!

Where is your favourite spot?  Where would you like to retire to?  Let us know by clicking here.

Jill Weeks has been an educator and author for many years. She is the author of 21 Ways To Retire, which gives insights into how 21 Australians from different backgrounds adjusted to retirementShe is also the co-author with her husband, Owen, of several editions of Where To Retire In Australia and one of Retire Bizzi.

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