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Retirement is the beginning of a new chapter in life, a moment when  the daily grind can finally  be put behind. It can be also be a time to concentrate on  particular hobbies and aspirations.   Some people prefer to keep on keeping on, with some form of work, start a profitable hobby or a home based business. We wrote 101 stories of people who did just that in Retire Bizzi.

Deciding where to retire is an important choice that can have a big impact on their quality of life during their retirement.

But.  Should you move? Do you want to move?  Why are you moving?

Australia is blessed to have many retirement location options – from the tropics to cooler climates, from the desert to the ocean.

Tall buildings in the distance, with an inland waterway, pine trees at the back, ocean in the distance, sandy beach, a place for people to retire to
Aerial view of Cotton Tree Beach, Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland

Here’s a few things to consider:

Where To Retire: Identify Your Retirement Objectives

Knowing your individual retirement priorities and aspirations is the first step in choosing where to retire.

Consider the following:

What type of climate do you prefer?

What population of an area are you looking for?

Are you looking at options for leisure or culture?

What is your retirement spending plan?

BBQ Boats and Waterbikes with Sea West, Mandurah, Photo: Tourism Western Australia


Retirement decisions are significantly influenced by climate. While some people appreciate the changing seasons, others yearn for the year-round warmth of tropical locations.

Health issues (current or potential) and personal desires come into play.

Cost Of Living

Determine how much it will cost to live in various retirement locations. The cost of living can vary substantially from one location to another, as can rates, healthcare, and daily expenses. Do prices rise in  busy seasons?

photo of a river with rocks, a very old bridge in the back of the photo, Tasmania a place to retire
Richmond Bridge, Tasmania, Photo: Poon Wai Nang

Medical Care

For retirees, access to medical care is a crucial factor. Examine the accessibility, quality and type of the medical facilities in the area in which you are interested.

How many medicos live and practice in the area?


Consider the kind of retirement lifestyle you would like to lead. Do you like a peaceful rural environment, easy access to cultural events, or both? Take into account the local facilities, and utilities including parks, and entertainment venues.

6. Location to Friends and Family: For many people, retirement may offer the chance to spend more time with friends and family. Is keeping personal ties a priority?,

Millthorpe Main Street, Millthorpe Photo: Destination NSW

Security Of An Area

This is becoming increasingly important.  It’s a good idea to chat with the local Police and ask them about any concerns of the area. 

Some Police stations around Australia, have programs (with community volunteers) that help seniors to assess their home safety

Visit Or Stay Often

Before making a decision it’s suggested that visiting a location in all seasons is ideal. Visit in the ‘not so good’ season, visit in the ‘good season’.  What’s the weather like? Does the population increase or decrease?  Are all the shops and facilities open?

Are you able to stay in the location for a time to research?

A couple who were thinking of retiring to a Victorian seaside town were amazed to find that during winter their ‘number one choice’ was a ghost town.  It wasn’t the humming , vibrant town of holiday seasons, restaurants closed and sporting clubs weren’t running art 100%.

Where To Retire: Ask!

Speak with your financial advisor and other professionals.

It’s also a good idea to ask people in the area in which you are interested. Who has retired there?, Why do they like about the area? Are there any challenges?  

Where is the best place to retire (we’re often asked this question).  There’s not a perfect answer.  However, by considering what you want (and need) in an area – that’s a step in the right direction.

It’s your retirement.

Jill Weeks is the author of 21 Ways To Retire and co-author of Where To
Retire In Australia and Retire Bizzi. Information Provider For Great Retirement Lifestyles.
She is a regular contributor to radio

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