5 Top Things To Consider

Do You Really Want To Relocate?

Thinking about where to retire, your (‘r’ spot?). For some people moving when they retire is a no-brainer.  Their current home doesn’t fit their needs and it’s unlikely to be of benefit to their lifestyle in retirement.  Perhaps the thought of maintaining their home and garden gives them angst, or perhaps their neighbourhood has changed with people moving in, such as DINKYs (‘Double Income No Kids), DINKY DI’s  (Double Income No Kids Dog Instead), MUPPIES (Middle-aged Urban Professionals) – the acronyms are many and stereotyping.

Or perhaps there is an increasing amount of building occurring or the noise and congestion of their area that’s disrupted their daily life.

For others, however, the thought of moving in retirement doesn’t register. They are happy where they are and they are close to facilities, family and friends.

Still others may consider downsizing, but remaining in their area.  Make sure you think of how you will use your new home, if downsizing. I remember a retired man saying he wished he had thought about how often he used his workbench in his garage in his old home – his new garage didn’t have the space for his woodworking hobby.

Where To Retire: Checklist

What are the top 10 things you like where you are? What are the reasons you would consider moving in retirement?

How do these compare with your partner?

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Where To Retire: How Do People Find Their Ideal Spot?

Some people have their eyes on a seachange or a treechange in retirement.  Many people have spent holidays in places and ‘know’ that’s where they will move – one day. 

Make sure you visit, more than once, in all seasons- not just in good weather, or ‘slow’ times of the year.

How do these places stack up with what people want?  A good start is to write a checklist of ‘needs’ and ‘wants’. At the top of the list (or very close to the top), could be ‘medical facilities’.  Go and talk to people, medicos, pharmacists in the area in which you are interested: how many Drs live and practice in the town?, how many specialists practice in the town?, what are the challenges?

Will you ‘fit in’, are your hobbies and interests able to be pursued?

Subscribe to the local paper to find out what is happening in the area (and go and chat to the Editor of the newspaper).

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How Expensive (or cheaper) Is It To Live In The Intended Area?

It’s wise to have a look at the cost of living in the area. Speak to locals, are there price surges in busy times?

What are the utility costs? How do these compare with where you are now living?

Where To Retire: Transport

What are the transport options?  Are there regular transport services in and around your intended area?

Is there an airport nearby (for times of celebration and crisis).

Where will you retire?

Jill Weeks is the author of 21 Ways To Retire and co-author of Where To Retire In Australia and Retire Bizzi.

She is a regular contributor to radio.

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