After a relaxing holiday by the beach, a river or the mountains, it can be tempting to start thinking that the area may be a good place in which to retire. It sounds so easy, just ‘pack up and go’.

We met a couple who had moved from Melbourne to Port Douglas because they ‘had nice holidays there’. After around 18 months they said it ‘was too hot’. We could all say ‘really!?’ However, sometimes our heart rules our head and it can be too easy, for example, to think of the tropics on a freezing, grey day in Melbourne.

Before you start thinking of moving it’s helpful to make a checklist of all the things you are wanting in your new location. If you have a partner it may be advisable to do separate lists and compare them later. What are the things you really want in an area and what are the things that are ‘desirable’? Perhaps you will find that your needs and wants are not that far away.

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