Where in regional Australia?

The Clues:

My population is 43,512 (Local Government Area) according to the 2021 Census.

I am around 250 kilometres from a capital city.

The area has a median age of 37 years.

The main countries of birth are:

Australia 83.7%, England 1.6%, India 1.2%, Nerw Zealand 1.0%, Philippines 0.7% and Nepal 0.5%.

Mining is a key industry

There is an extinct volcano nearby.

Table with white table cloth, a glass bowl of blueberries, a wine glass of rose, fresh fogs and brie cheese on a plate with a cheese knife
Photo: Nati

The area is popular with food and wine lovers.

The autumn colours are beautiful with locals and visitors enjoying the exceptional colours.

It gets quite chilly in Winter.

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Still thinking?

Where could this be?

Could it be in Queensland?,

Could it be in Western Australia?

Could it be in New South Wales?

Could it be located in Tasmania?

Could it be in Victoria?

How about South Australia ??


Where this Australian lifestyle location?

Photo ot an orange cut in half on a grey bench top.


It’s a popular lifestyle location and is attracting newcomers.

Autumn leaves on a vine that is framing a blue window with a brick surround
Autumn leaves framing a window, Orange.
Photo: Destination NSW

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