Photo: Jonathan van der Knaap, South Australian Tourism Commission.

Here Are Some Clues

Visiting this place is always interesting. Below are some clues. Have a read of them. Can you guess the name of this lifestyle location?

I was first settled in 1851 by a sheep grazier. 

*around a 90 minute drive from the capital city of my state.

*popular with people who like fishing, boating, historic places, swimming, restaurants and cafes.

*said to be at one stage the second busiest port in my state.

*mining was done in the area and my town did the smelting.

Many Welsh people came to live and work in the town who were smelters.


Fishing for prawns is done here by trawlers.  The prawns are said to be ‘decapod crustaceans’ – or as many of us know them as the Western King. It’s a very regulated industry to ensure there is not ‘over fishing’.

aquamarine waters with a long wharf going out to a large blue and white cruise boat.  There are buildings on land on the left hand side of the photo that are on sandy soil.
Can You Guess Where This Lifestyle Location Is?
Photo: Duy Dash


My environment is described as semi arid., with a dry Mediterranean climate. Mulga scrub surrounds me. 

Canola, barley, chickpeas and legumes are grown in the region.

As with many lovely places I am busy in holiday times


Annual mean maximum temperature is: 23.0C

(Hottest month is January: 30.5C)

Annual mean minimum temperature is: 10.5C

(Coldest month is July:  5.7C)

(This information is from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. It was taken from an area around 10 kilometres from this area).

sunset photo of a marina with white yachts with their tall masts in the water. In the distance there is a six storey apartment block. In the foreground there is a hotel type building of two storeys.
Photo: John Montesi,, South Australian Tourism Commission

Lifestyle Fun Fact

It has been researched by Jill and Owen Weeks for their publications on ‘Where To Retire In Australia’.

Where is this Lifestyle Location?

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Red, green, yellow, purple blue, dost form a question mark.
Can You Guess Where This Lifestyle Location Is?
Photo: Ann H

Where is this Lifestyle Location?


Wallaroo, South Australia

Grey area shows Wallaroo, Kadina and Moonta. Map: .id community

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