Ian Anderson has lived on Norfolk Island for 33 years. Is the best place to live on Norfolk Island?

For Ian, the best things about living on Norfolk Island are: ‘The relaxed lifestyle, the opportunities to become involved with so many local activities, both sporting and cultural, the sheer beauty and freshness of the island’.

Three men on rugby field, one running with ball on Norfol Island, the best place to live.
Ian Anderson in action

Ian and his wife own and run a retail shop, World Traders ‘We also own and run the local theatre putting on both movies and live theatre’. The  22nd Norfolk Island Theatre Festival will run from 29 September to 3 October.   Amateur groups from Australia and New Zealand will participate.   The Festival welcomes actors of all ages.  They can range in age between 5 and 80+.   The first prize is the Trans-Tasman Trophy and a cheque for $1,000.00. Click here for more details.

However, Ian is also well known for his sporting prowess. 

At the age of 86 he plays with The Norfolk Island Rugby League team.  He has been playing for 14 years.  However, prior to this, he last played at the age of 15.

Each March the team competes in the Rugby League Masters Tournament. ‘This year there were 106 men’s and 4 women’s teams, competing over 3 days’. 

White rugby ball on green ground with players feet in background , Norfolk Island the best place to live?
Photo: Edgar Pimenta

The local team The Creaky Old Convicts organise a Rugby Union tournament on the Island in August with 4 or 5 teams visiting us from overseas.

Ian has also played at Runaway Bay, Queensland, Wellington and Christchurch, New Zealand.

‘If you are over 60 you can’t be tackled’, Ian adds.’

Ian Anderson with rugby ball in rain on green field on Norfolk Island, the best place to live
Rain, hail Or sunshine, nothing stops Ian Anderson from a rugby game!

The climate on Norfolk Island is, some say, conducive to sport. ‘Average maximum temperatures range from 18C to 19C in winter to between 23C and 25C in summer. The highest temperature ever recorded was 28.4C on 11th Feb 1996. Average minimum temperatures range from 13C to 15C in the winter and between 18C and 20C in the summer. The lowest temperature ever recorded was 6.2C on 29th July 1953’. (Bureau of Meteorology).

Ian’s business, World Traders:
is located at  Taylors Road, Norfolk Island
(Postal address is P.O. Box 158).

The Ferny Lane Theatre has a Facebook page here

Where is the best place to live? Norfolk Island?

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