The following lifestlyle town was surveyed in 1852 

 It  is thought to have originally been named Dhungarra, (or Thung-arra) as per the local Aboriginal name.  This meant ‘meeting place of seals’ or ‘place of fur seals’.

In the 2021 Census (Australian Bureau of Statistics I had a population of 1,393.

Males:  48.5%

Female: 51.5%

There was a median age of 51 years.

The Top Responses To The Country of Birth Question:

Australia 78.0%

England 6.0%

New Zealand 3.2%

South Africa 0.7%

Scotland 0.4%

Indonesia 0.4%

Fishing Village

I’m often called a ‘charming fishing village’, I’m around  4 hours from my state’s capital city.

I’m famous for my rock lobsters. 

The tourist park (see the link below) says, ‘A 4wd is required to access some of the better beaches north of (7 Mile Beach where you can put a small boat in or fish from the beach. These fishing spots tend to be the most productive. The main species are Whiting, Tailor, Mulloway, Skippy and Dhufish’


The annual mean maximum temperature is 25.9C

(Hottest month: February 32.6C)

The annual mean minimum temperature is 13.6C

(Coldest month: 8.9C).

(This information is from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. It was taken from an area around 60 kilometres south of this area).

People With A Connection To This Town

The 25th Premier of my state
Australian Rules Footballers

What’s To Do?

I’m a place where you can do ‘something or nothing’. It’s an outdoor lifestyle that is casual and relaxed. Leave the hectic lifestyle and relax, explore, swim, snorkel or fish.
During wildflower season, you can walk along trails to see the brilliant displays.
Order some fish and chips (or seafood) or enjoy at picnic at the Marina – the choice is yours.

I offer a chilled out lifestyle in a unique location.

Photo Credit: Greg Snell, Sand dunes

The Lifestyle Location: Where Is It Located?

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Photo: Anna Shvets

The answer: Dongara, Western Australia

(The Tourist Park is here )

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