‘I don’t know how I found the time to work’, may be a familiar statement from newish retirees.

For others, though, finding meaningful activity may be challenging.  ‘I didn’t want the highlight of my day to be a trip to the letterbox’, commented one man who went on to find paid (walking dogs, selling items online….’just enough to keep me interested’) and unpaid work (volunteering at a local food bank).  ‘I missed work colleagues’, the structure of a day,  so I found activities that I enjoyed.

Some people, like Trevor Tough can combine travel with tracking down burial sites of pioneers.   Similarly, Chris and Rod Maddocks  travel to Kimba in South Australia to volunteer in Kimba’s grey nomad program   Stephen Peterson likes Laneway Learning and presents on Japan – What your travel agent won’t tell you’ (having lived in Japan).

Things tick along quite nicely for Philip Kuchel AM who is an expert in clock making.   Robyn Green is an expert soap maker who says that ‘soap making is addictive’.

What’s your retirement passion?

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