Older workers should be valued for their skills, knowledge and their experience, which are often untapped.

70 Year Old Man ‘Best Sales Person We’ve Had: Experience, Knowledge, Skills

A Manager of a company in Melbourne told me that one of his best employees was aged 70 when he was hired.

“Max applied for a specialist sales position without particular qualifications other than operating his own business for seven years. He had sold the business and been retired for six when he came to us.

The basis of this wonderful man is that when he applied the final decision was with my MD aged 38, Max could have been his Grandfather with the age difference.

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Having submitted the application Max called to the office enquiring as to a result day on day two. The other applicants had only just been sorted when on day three Max came in unannounced questioning the MD as to whether he was capable of making a quick decision because he was prepared to commence Monday morning if the young 38 year old could say yes.

Max commenced Monday morning was one of our best sales people over the five year period.

He tendered his resignation at the end of his five years to take care of his invalid wife stating that was to be his job for life. Max remains a true friend and I contact him during year to report on his many customers wishing him their best regards”.

Words of Experience Matters, Untapped Skills, Knowledge and Experience Of Older Workers
Knowledge, Skills, Experience!


Macquarie University research has found that older workers remain an important source of knowledge and expertise for organisations, dispelling the myth that the over 55s are no longer of any use in the workforce.

Australia’s ageing population should become a key component of the workforce as employers increasingly look to mature workers to harness their knowledge and experience, while also overcoming a skills shortage’.

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Professor Patrick Garcia said: ‘Older workers are an important source of knowledge and expertise for organisations, but organisations struggle to adapt to older workers’ needs and work orientations. The paper contributes to our understanding of bridge employment by clarifying older workers’ needs and expectations and what organisations can do to support or hinder their intentions to continue working,’.

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