Two retirement questions…I asked three people:

What’s the best thing about retirement? What have you learnt about retirement?

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John Henderson

The best thing about retirement is doing what you want, when you want – could be travel, golf, sailing, writing your memoirs……….whatever….and, yes, you can have 2 morning teas.

Retirement has taught me that you definitely need a project (or two) and it’s good to still make lists – achievement drives happiness.

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Retirement is the best thing.  Time to do the things that weren’t possible before.

I have learnt to be more frugal with my money. Also I spend more time looking after myself.


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Retirement gives most of us an opportunity to travel, sightsee, catch up with and spend meaningful time with family and friends made during a lifetime of work. It should be considered as a new life in many ways, as one is not restricted by the regimentation of work.

Unless one remains active mentally and physically, a period of idleness will work against one’s life. I have seen friends live only a short life because of their inactivity’ It brings truth to the saying If you sit in God’s waiting room you will be called.

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It is important to be physically active, like – volunteering for work in charities, etc; walking or playing sport; doing Pilates (Physio exercises); doing the garden while one is able; travelling to see more places; and any other physical activity that keeps one mobile.

It is also important to keep one’s mind active, like – reading interesting books; doing one’s family genealogy; joining friends and others in debates or just talking; writing books; lecturing or being a guest speaker on matters of one’s knowledge; studying subjects of interest.

Your thoughts?

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