Around an hour to Newcastle and about 2 hours from Sydney, Singleton has the ‘L’ factor (Lifestyle).  Surrounded by vineyards, farms and national parks, it’s said to be Australia’s oldest wine region. Singleton is also an area that is attracting retirees who are deciding where to retire in Australia.

Food lovers will also enjoy all that Singleton and area have to offer.  (Also: check out the markets).

People of all ages are attracted to the country atmosphere and charm.

Singleton has historic buildings, scenic drives, bush walking and camping opportunities and we found very friendly locals.

Singleton is situated on the Hunter River in New South Wales and is 73 metres above sea level.

Fast Facts

Population:  13,214

Males:     49.7%

Females: 50.3%

People aged over 65:  12.9%

Country of Birth:

Australia:              85.3%

New Zealand:         2.1%

England:               1.4%

Philippines:           0.8%

South Africa:            0.2%

Scotland:              0.2%

(ABS Census 2016)


Mean Maximum temperature: 25.2C

Mean Minimum temperature: 10.9C

(Bureau of Meteorology)

Singleton is named after Benjamin Singleton. He is said to be the person responsible for the town’s establishment.

The Voice of the North, NSW, Wednesday 10th September 1930 Benjamin Singleton ‘was born in England in 1788, and came out to the Colony in the good, ship “Pitt”.

He settled in the Hawkesbury district where he married a Colonial girl and took up farming at Kurrajong.

Singleton like, many of the early settlers, was not content to stay in the one spot very long, but was always eager to see what lay “beyond the hills.”

He is buried at Whittingham Cemetery in the Anglican section at Singleton

The Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday 5th May 1853 At Singleton on the 3rd instant, Mr. Benjamin Singleton aged 65, leaving a widow who had been a faithful companion 42 years, eight children, and thirty-one grand-children, to lament their loss. He was one of the first discoverers of Patrick Plains—a man of indomitable energy and perseverance, of frugal and temperate habits: and if he had a fault, it was that he was a greater friend to everybody than himself.

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