What was your previous occupation?
My previous occupation was as a timber and building supply yard proprietor.

Why did you leave it?
I left it because it was running me and I made a promise to myself to semi retire at the age of the year that I was born, ie. 1952.
So 52 was it.

What is your occupation now?
I now do part time/casual work for my neighbours {farmers] and run a small shop specialising in wood,silk and stone products imported from, mainly, Beijing. (It’s called Waterhouse Trading and is in the main street of Robe).
What have been the challenges?
Learning the necessaries to handle sheep and to prune vines where necessary.
And the good things?
It is all good. No pressures on time or expectations of delivery of goods or labour.

Do you have tips for people thinking about having a ‘second career’?
Everyone is different so I think that people have to sort circumstances to suit their needs.

Will you ever ‘retire’?
I have to be doing things. I am ‘hyper’ and have trouble staying still.

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