We’re being told to stay home and limit our trips outside but what are some ways older people in our community are staying connected?

It’s really important to stay connected, exercise safely and keep the brain going.

Here is a summary of my (unofficial!) poll amongst older people I know.


Man running along beach
Photo: Aan Nizal

Younger neighbour across road  in her yard demonstrates exercises to older friend.

Is learning yoga from the friend across road.

Reading bedtime stories

To younger relatives via internet/facetime (in Australia and overseas)

Bookshelf of of colourful children's books
Photo: Robyn Budlender

Social Media/Phoning/ Texting with friends, family

Cut out letters that spell social media
Photo: Merakist

Writing a story with family, friends via internet

Each person takes a paragraph or chapter (depending upon age/skills)

Games, Puzzles

Online games: eg: scrabble

Scrabble ledge with I heart and u
Photo: Jude Beck

Learning (Stretching The Brain)

neon, plastic brain
Photo: Natasha Connell

How to do Cryptic crosswords, for example. Stretching the brain


lady do crochet with purple wool
Photo: Imani

Crochet via social media

Virtual volunteering

person typing on laptop computer
Photo: Glen Carstens-Peters

How are people volunteering? Helping people Transcribing (eg: Trove……old newspapers National Library site)


Lady digging hole in garden with pot plants nearby
Photo: NEonbrand

Propagating plants

Usual tasks

(eg: Weeding, Mulching)


chopping board with knife, avocado, small tomatoes, spinach, spring onion, mushrooms, eggs, green chilli, frypan on bench
Photo: Katie Smith

What types of cooking are people doing?


Trying a new recipe every few days


One person is being interviewed by grandchildren about their life experiences.

Photo: Rahul Chakraborty


Watching funny movies etc to take their mind off the Virus.

Important to have a sense of humour.

white horse laughing with large teeth
Photo: Dan Cook

You can also check out the RACV suggestions here

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