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Different And Interesting Side Hustles

We’ve been researching and writing about the different and varied side hustles, profitable hobbies and home-based businesses for quite a while.  It’s always interesting to hear from people about what they are doing in their retirement.

Some people like to use their skills and experience from their previous career/s, whilst others can’t wait to do something completely different.

Of course, it is important that you discuss income from side hustles with your financial advisor/accountant – just to be sure you are not adversely affected and comply with various regulations.

Side Hustles May Include:

Side Hustle 1: Pet Minding

Living by herself, and being retired,  Patsy liked to look after a neigbour’s pets when they were unable to take them away or were late home from work.  She loved dogs and word got around that she was kind and capable.  Owners supply food and there is a daily rate.

‘I love it’, she says.  ‘I would (almost) do it for free, but the extra income is handy’.

Side Hustle 2: Selling Online In A Niche Market

We met a man who liked to go to various markets, particularly ones that sold second hand goods. His passion was fountain pens – antique ones.  He restores the antique pens (they’re often not in a good condition), and sells them via the internet. 

antique pen nib with pen in background, sidehustles
Photo: Ferdinand Sapitula

Side Hustle 3: Repair/Mend

How many people really enjoy mending clothes and household objects? Whether it’s a dropped hem or hemming curtains – people with such skills are wanted. People who are handy with a needle or are able to do small jobs, may find their skills are in demand.  ‘Word of mouth’ may prove an effective way of advertising skills.

Side Hustle 4: Markets

Robyn, started making soap from her garage.  She couldn’t find a soap that was kind to her skin.  ‘My skin was dry and itchy, it was driving me crazy’. Fast forward, she found a solution – she eventually started making her own soap.   Robyn and her family sold at markets, via the internet and various interstate shops.

Soon, the garage was not large enough to cater for the soap making – a factory was needed.

So, from having a problem (itchy skin) to creating a side hustle to having a bigger business. Some may say this is serendipity.

White bar of soap with small flecks on a sink, sidehustles
Photo: Tara Winstead

Side Hustle 5: Sport/Leisure

Golf is a passion for many people. For some it is an all-encompassing passion. We met a man who liked playing golf. From his passion he started distributing used golf balls – in packets. He had a background in marketing so used his skills and knowledge to create a different side hustle.

Side Hustle 6: Walking Tours

Margaret started walking tours in her town after finding there were none of offer that catered to her age group, plus she spoke another language.  After a while word got around that her walking tour was the ‘one’. This expanded, after a couple of years, and she employed 10 other people who spoke many languages!

Green succulent in a grey pot that has grey small rope stuck on outside of ot, sidehustles
Photo: Scott Webb

Side Hustle 7: Propagating Succulents

At a market that I often browse, there is a lady who sits with her husband behind a table of succulents. There are different shapes, sizes and varieties of succulent.  Most were small.

Ideal for a gift, wrapping was available for an extra coin.

I chatted with the couple who said that growing succulents from cuttings was enjoyable and gave them extra income.  ‘It’s not just the growing that gives us pleasure it’s also the different people you meet’.

There’s just 7 side hustles I’ve come across. Some people have a few side hustles in their ‘retirement’, some like to concentrate on one. 

What’s your side hustle?  Let us know here.

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