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Experienced Speakers: Engaging Audiences at Top Australian Conferences and Seminars  – Including the Institute of Company Directors, Chartered Accountants Institute, major Banks, Financial Planning companies, Accountancy firms.

Our Insights resonate with expatriates and those seeking to relocate to Australia.”

Our work has also been extremely popular and well received with expatriates and people wanting to move to Australia.

Some of the topics that we have spoken on include:

Where To Retire In Australia

Where Not To Retire!

Hot Spots To Retire 

Developing Profitable Hobbies

The Pitfalls Associated With Hobby Farms

Living In A High Rise Building

Australia’s Best Places To Retire

When Does A Hobby Become A Business?

How To Achieve A ‘Portfolio Lifestyle’

Finding Australia’s Best Retirement Location

7 Top Tips
Top Tips For A Successful Retirement Move


The Best Place To Retire

Hot Spots v Australia’s Ageing Areas:

to name but  a few topics!