Do you want to keep working (full or part time)?, want an encore career?, or are looking for volunteering opportunities? How do you let others know that you are searching for work, volunteering opportunities or wanting an encore career?

Author Sue Ellson’s  latest  book, may be able to assist.

Published by 120 Ways Publishing, LinkedIn for me and my career or business, is a book filled with tips and ideas. Whether you are an up to date ‘tecchie’, or putting your toe into LinkedIn, the book is a helpful guide.

Sue is passionate  about ‘LinkedIn’, and has been a member since 2003. 

At her recent book launch, she spoke of some of the new features on LinkedIn including:   ‘how to let people know that you are ‘open to work’ and/or ‘new opportunities’.

Photo: Jeff Sheldon

‘But I Am Retired’

In  120 Ways To Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn, Sue wrote: 

I have had a range of people tell me that ‘I don’t need LinkedIn anymore, I have retired’. 

Sue disagrees with this idea:

‘LinkedIn is a way to keep in touch with people and I plan to keep mine going until I die (then someone else will have to close it!)’.

Photo: Clay Banks

‘Traditional careers have often meant that people have stayed in one job for many years – and for these people, after the initial novelty of retirement wears off, they often find that they miss the friendship and camaraderie of their former colleagues. 

Others start working on their family tree and like finding long lost relatives. It can also help people see where people have moved over time and how their careers have evolved’. 

 At the book launch Sue revealed some of the ‘LinkedIn for me and my career or business Book Secrets’ .

You can find out more about Sue’s books, consulting and tips here

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