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It’s really important for people to think about the type of home they want when they retire. Will they stay where they are?, move nearby?, move to an apartment or unit?

Some people actively do ‘right sizing’. It’s also important to find a home that is ‘right sized’, meaning that a home is a right size for their activities and amenities that complement their lifestyle.

Why Would Someone Want To Right Size?

*Expenses may be reduced.

*Less maintenance. Having less upkeep can save time and money.

*Freedom of time. With less housework and maintenance many people find that they have more time for sport, travel, hobbies and catching up with friends and family.

*More time for leisure: Retirees can have more time for hobbies, travel, and spending time with loved ones by devoting less time to housework and upkeep.

Is right sizing for you? What are the benefits? Why would you want to right size?
Home, Photo: Ksenia Chernaya

Ways To Right Size

By having a look at their current situation people can see what rooms are used the most.  Are all bedrooms, for example, used? 

Are there rooms that are used for hobbies? 

I mentioned previously about a man who wished he had measured his new home’s garage more carefully. He was a keen woodworker and found it difficult to engage in his hobby as the garage was a lot smaller.

An article in the Herald Sun stated: Over 55’s: ‘they also wanted the freedom to be able to have pets and room to indulge in their hobbies.

They also wanted the freedom to be able to have pets and room to indulge in their hobbies’.

Another question to ask concerns the outdoors. Is gardening a pastime?  Is the bbq used a lot? 

Go and have a look at other types of home.  What is available?  People need to carefully consider if they would adapt to apartment living.  Would they enjoy living in a community of units?  Some people love the idea of having people their own age nearby.

Perhaps a small home, a tiny home or even a THOW (Tiny Home On Wheels) is appealing?

Photo of a yellow apartment building that has the sun shining on the outside. There is a green tree that is at the first level, there is a yellow bicycle on a blacony on level one.
Apartment Building, Photo: Jahnae Neal

Ask people who have ‘right sized’ how they approached the move. Would they still move to where they are living now?  What is the best part of their living arrangements? What are the challenges?

To sum, up it’s important that people do their own research.  Look at the benefits of right sizing as well as the challenges.  They may have the time of their life!

Jill Weeks has been an educator and author for many years. She is the author of 21 Ways To Retire, which gives insights into how 21 Australians from different backgrounds adjusted to retirementShe is also the co-author with her husband, Owen, of several editions of Where To Retire In Australia and one of Retire Bizzi

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