Name: Geoff & Jenny
Age: 40+
Previous Occupations: Medical
Location Of Your Previous Careers: UK and South Africa
Current Business: Relaxing!
Location: Sunshine Coast, Qld

Why did you move to Queensland?
Jenny & I “fell in love” with the Noosa area when we first saw it

What do you think the advantages are of living in Australia?
Outdoor living with (in our case) lots of warm water leisure opportunities; friendly easy going people; cheaper cost of living than the UK; excellent cuisine and wine; being adjacent to areas such as Fraser Island; good infrastructure.

Do you miss living in the UK?
Not the UK itself. Miss friends and family of course but they are all lining up to visit us!

Describe your lifestyle so far (in Qld):
Lovely house and sub-tropical garden (including our own rain forest) in a nice neighbourhood; access to Noosa River and associated waters; glorious beaches; quaint and artistic local towns; great restaurants & cafes

What are some of the challenges you have encountered living in Australia
Tried my hand at getting permission to do medical work here – the medical bureaucracy both at state and federal level

Have there been any words, phrases, foods, drinks, customs that you have found difficult to decipher?
No worries in this department mate!

Advice for people who would like to pursue a new location after 40?
If you are sure that is what you want go for it!

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