The official book blurb says:

‘Tony Atkinson spent his early days suspended in a cage outside the sixth-storey window of his family home in 1920s London.

So perhaps he was always destined to see the world differently, and to land in ridiculous, hilarious situations. There was the time he came between Winston Churchill and his bowel movements (an accident that required a parliamentary explanation) or the high-society shenanigans he witnessed after accidentally becoming footman to Queen Elizabeth – all just tasters from this wickedly funny, deeply touching and irresistibly charming memoir. 

Tony and the love of his life came across the pond as ‘ten-pound Poms’. While he forged a successful career as an anaesthetist, his greatest gift may be for telling rousing tales. A Prescribed Life is a warm and engaging chronicle about love, medicine and royalty spanning almost a century of great change’ (Affirm Press)


This could be ‘just’ a story of a retired anaesthetist  but it is so much more.

I have met Tony and Lynne, heard them speak and read the book.

This is one of the funniest, most interesting and joyful (mostly) books. 

The ‘Lobster Incident’ is likely to be part of 10 Downing Street history, as well as the story of the State dinner for President Eisenhower, Prince Phillip’s comment to the Queen at her coronation…the list goes on.

The book was a great ‘retirement project’ for Tony, ably assisted by Lynn

Listen to Tony and Lynn here

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