Retirement Careers by DeLoss L Marsh

This is a good read. It is published by Williamson Publishing.

DeLoss says: ‘most of us must continue meaningful pursuits in order to maintain our self worth’.

Read what DeLoss says about goals in retirement:

Goals For Retirement Success

Many people mistakenly abandon goals when they retire.

That’s unfortunate because without purposeful challenges our lives become aimless. We need the challenge of overcoming obstacles to give purpose to our lives. Most of us are inherent goal seekers. It’s in our genes.

Guidelines for Setting Goals

Evaluate your past. For success, set your goals on what you’re best at, what you enjoy.

Make your goals worthy of you.
Goals should make you stretch.

Don’t set unrealistic or unattainable goals.
They will be only dreams and fantasies worse than no goals at all.

Commitment begins by writing down your goals.
That’s the firtsd step towards attainment. Writing them down gives them substance, makes them real and brings them to life for you.

Broadcast your goals to others
Telling others what you are going to do pushes you to complete your goals. Social pressure is a great motivator.

Visualise your goals for success
Your mind is a powerful tool for visualising achievement. Many of the world’s great philosophers proclaim that you are what you think you are.

Develop goals that do not involve others, whenever possible.
Goals dependent on others are frequently doomed to failure. You lose the power to control a goal’s destiny when its success is dependent on the actions of others.

Make your goals specific and measurable
Focus your sights on the goal’s bulls eye to make a hit. Vague, unmeasurable goals are powerless.

Make your goals manageable
Long-term goals are difficult to keep in focus on a day-to-day basis, Break them down into manageable steps that can be taken daily. Set target dates for each step.

Set compatible goals: eliminate obsolete goals.
Incompatability between goals creates conflicts preventing fulfillment.

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