Would you retire to Queensland? If so, where would you move to? Data released by the ABS shows the highest median ages in 2018

  • Bribie Island (60.0 years) in the Moreton Bay region
  • Cooloola (59.5) in the Wide Bay region
  • Redland Islands (56.9) in Brisbane
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Does this mean they are popular retirement spots? Maybe.

Sometimes people hear of a location that has a high median age or a certain percentage of people over 65 years of age and assume that it is ‘popular’ with retirees.

Ageing of Australian Areas

Some areas of Australia are ‘ageing’. That is, younger people are not returning after schooling. Or they are moving away for employment.

I read about a location that had a high percentage of people over 65. There were only a few hundred people in the town.

Bribie Island

Bribie Island, however, is certainly a popular spot with retirees. It has been popular for many years. Our ‘Ambassador’ Max moved there from interstate, as did many other people. Susie and Neville, for example, moved from Melbourne. And loved the place. Neville loved the heat.

Max said Bribie Island’s location was close to family and friends. And he thought there were very good and easily accessible medical facilities.

The climate is a drawcard, there is flat land and it is not that far from Brisbane. ‘Everyone seems to have relocated when they retired, from somewhere else. You make an effort to get to know people’, one retiree told me.

Kayaker paddling at Noosa, Queensland
Photo: Social.Cut

And Also

For others, the call of Noosa, Buderim, Maroochydore is strong. Still others prefer the ‘garden city’ of Toowoomba….over a few hills away, as they often say.

Retire to Queensland? Where would you retire to?

Or perhaps you are happy to stay where you are – without moving. Perhaps you will renovate or renew in your current area?

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