Stephen Peterson is a writer and author. He also lectures at Laneway Learning on Japan

We asked Stephen about his view of retirement:

‘From my own personal experience, my view of retirement is that it is a stage in our lives of unlimited potential and opportunity, when we have the time and scope to pursue our interests and do things we believe are worthwhile and beneficial, both to the broader community, and to ourselves.

Some people already have activities or hobbies they can become more involved in, others, such as myself, need to give some thought to what they want to do. We shouldn’t feel under pressure to undertake any particular activities, but nor is it advisable to procrastinate, as time is running short.

Things to do won’t normally just materialise out of thin air, a pro-active approach might be needed. Increasingly, retirement is not a time of winding down, withdrawing and becoming inactive, although some do fall into this kind of lethargic lifestyle.

Rather, for many it’s a time of further delving into existing interests, or seeking out and pursuing new ones – a time of rejuvenation, renewal and rebirth‘.

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