The range of portfolio elements may include:

  • A number of income producing activities that might include part time work, directorships, and starting a small business.
  • Developing hobbies that may one day become profitable.
  • Working for Volunteer organizations on a regular or irregular basis.
  • Arranging your financial affairs to include several sources of income, from shares, property, annuities and pensions, and cash and fixed interest investments.
  • The flexibility to choose when it suits you to work, and when it suits you to travel, or do nothing!

Technology now enables people to work from home, or almost anywhere in the world.

Life is a journey. Be Prepared! Many years ago someone coined the phrase ‘It is not the destination that counts, it’s the journey’.

Jill & Owen Weeks discovered during their travels around Australia while writing ‘Where to Retire in Australia’ more than 100 people who work in small home based businesses, and profitable hobbies, who are doing amazing things. This discovery led to the book ‘RetireBizzi’ with 101 business stories about successful retirees. The first 27 chapters deal with ‘Good Advice’ that everyone who operates a small business should know about. The two most critical issues for all business owners are:
1. How do you find customers, and
2. How do you ensure that you get paid!

Let us know your story……

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