Finding your piece of paradise can be tricky. Should you move to a coastal or rural area? Perhaps you should stay where you are? One couple have moved from New South Wales to begin an adventure! They’ve found their rural paradise in Victoria.

The ‘Ironing Diva’ better known as Carol Jones, came onto our radar some time ago – when we were researching for one of the editions of Where To Retire In Australia.

The Manager of the Business Enterprise Centre in Mudgee suggested we contact Carol because ‘she ran a very interesting business’ in her rural home – near Mudgee.

In Bernadette Jiwa’s book, ‘Hunch’ she is known as the ‘Ironing Whisperer’

A Different Business In A Rural Paradise

Carol did have an interesting business – and she still does. She has now sold ‘almost 500,000 ironing board covers to 30 countries’. As Carol says, The Fitz Like A Glove™ Ironing Board Cover and our Other Goodies are made by Superheroes.  ‘Made with love and care in rural Australia by men and women who have a disability’.

Being the enterprising person she is, Carol decided to create another product: jigsaws.

She is an enthusiastic photographer and has developed a range that is proving popular.

A Move To Victoria

Carol and Victor have moved from one rural area to another.  They left New South Wales and headed south to Victoria.  To be more precise they are building their home at Swifts Creek. They have 40 hectares (100 acres) of rural property on which to weave their magic.

Mountains in distance, sunshine on part of the land, looking into a valley of green grass in the rural paradise.
Photo: Carol Jones

Located on the Great Alpine Road and 379 kilometres east of Melbourne, Swifts Creek is situated on the Tambo River.

In the 2016 ABS Census, Swifts Creek had a population of 278. Recorded countries of birth were: Australia, England, Canada, Germany, Poland and the Philippines.  The median age was 47 years and 18.2% of the population was over 65 years.

Dream Home In Rural Paradise In Victoria

But. Back to Carol and Victor. They are building their dream home, high on a mountain. Their driveway is 830 metres in length!

A wedge tailed eagle high up staring down from a branch of a tree in the rural paradise.
Phot:o Carol Jones

Parrots, magpies, strike thrushes, red browed firetails, wild deer, kangaroos, foxes, wombats, emus – to name but a few of the wildlife- also call the area home.

Their views are superb. 

Despite various difficulties in getting the building process started, things are progressing, and they have found their rural paradise in Victoria.

To find out more about Carol and Victor’s new adventures, click here

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