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Recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows ‘Tasmania had the highest proportion of retirees (48.5% of population aged 45 years and over)’.

I would suggest that not all people over 45 are retirees!

In other data from the ABS: between 2018-19 and 2020-21:
*Queensland had the greatest increase in retirees (+76.000) since the 2018-19 survey, not the most retirees.
*Australian Capital Territory had the highest increase in proportion of retirees (32% to 37%)
*Victoria had the largest decrease in proportion of retirees (40 to 39%)
*New South Wales had the most retirees at 1.3 million.

Note: The ABS says: The Retirement and Retirement Intentions survey doesn’t ask about interstate migration, so we can only comment that there was a rise in the number of retirees, not what caused the rise. It is likely to be some combination of Queenslanders retiring and retirees moving to Queensland’.

For a variety of reasons, some retirees decide to relocate to Queensland, Australia.
These include:


This is a bit of a ‘no brainer’! Queensland is renowned for its bright, mild weather, which attracts many retirees looking to avoid the cold and enjoy a more temperate temperature.

One retired man, that I spoke with, about living on the Gold Coast, remarked, “I just want to feel the warmth on my bones.”

What do you do when not everyone in a relationship appreciates the warmth?

I knew a couple, for example, who moved from Melbourne to the Gold Coast. Mr just loved the warmer weather. His partner, however, did not like the humidity in summer and wished she could spend summers in Melbourne. It took around 18 months for her body to adapt to the climate and then she relished the warmth.

Although coastal areas feature prominently in the minds of retirees, inland areas are also popular. Think of places such as Toowoomba, Warwick, the Gold Coast hinterland…..

Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland, Toowoomba


Retirees may find Queensland’s laid-back and outdoorsy way of life appealing. Beaches, water sports, national parks, and other leisure pursuits are available in the area. The casual lifestyle means time outdoors, bbq’s, picnics. It also means savouring fresh seafood and tropical fruits – to name a few of the delights.

Photo:: Tourism and Events Queensland, Rainbow Bay Beach

The Scenery

Beautiful scenery may be found across Queensland, including the Great Barrier Reef, tropical rainforests, and lovely coastal regions. The chance to reside close to these natural beauties may be attractive to retirees. The hinterland of the Gold Coast, Toowomba, the Glass House Mountains, Far North Queensland – just some of the wonderful scenery that is attrative to retirees.

Couple in a Queensland restaurant with Asian food, fresh salads, retirees love the fresh foods available in Queensland
Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland, Light Years

Cost of Living

While there are some pricey regions in Queensland, there are also less pricey options available, especially in smaller towns and rural areas. As a result, retirement assets may last longer.

Couple in the distance standing by bicycles  on a wide sandy beach with palm trees to the left of the photo, ocean gently breaking waves to the right of the photo, many retirees in retirement like beach life and riding bucycles.
Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland, Mission Beach

Active Communities: In Queensland, there are many retirement developments and communities that have been specifically created to meet the needs of senior citizens by offering them social opportunities, recreational possibilities, and support services.

Cultural and Recreational

There are so many activities are abundant in Queensland, and they can enrich seniors’ lives and keep them active. The state also hosts many festivals, arts events, and entertainment venues. I’ve met retirees who, to avoid the summer heat, start playing golf almost before the sun has risen.

Family proximity: Some retirees relocate to Queensland to be nearer to relatives who already reside there.

Couple in an old building covered in vines, a tropical setting in a rain forest, an area that it liked by retirees in their retirement.
Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland, Paronella Park

Travel Possibilities

Queensland’s position makes it a starting point for visiting other parts of Australia as well as the Asia-Pacific area. For retirees who wish to keep traveling, this may be enticing..

Retirement Villages and Communities: There are many retirement villages and communities in Queensland. They differ with facilities, locarions and requirements.

Although Queensland has numerous advantages for retirees, it is vital to keep in mind that a move is a personal choice. Before making a decision, prospective retirees should carefully evaluate aspects like housing options, healthcare accessibility, lifestyle preferences, and financial considerations. Speaker to a professional well before moving.

Jill Weeks is the author of 21 Ways To Retire and co-author of Where To
Retire In Australia and Retire Bizzi. Information Provider For Great Retirement Lifestyles.
She is a regular contributor to radio

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