We’ve researched Bribie Island several times (plus visited) as a retirement location when researching for Where To Retire In Australia books. One local told us that ‘many people seem to have moved from somewhere else, so we connect and there is a real sense of community’.

There’s a surf beach one side of the island and calmer waters on the other side. The bridge of around 830 metres is the link to the mainland. 

Fast Facts, Bribie Island

Median age63

Australian Bureau of Statistics Census 2021
Photo of map of Australia with map of Bribie Island to e right of it, in green and larger than Australia, where to retire in Australia
Bribie Island Chamber of Commerce

Where To Retire In Australia, Bribie Island Ambassadors

We asked our where2now.net Ambassadors Max and Luz about moving from Alice Springs to Bribie Island to retire:

Max & Luz

Name: Max & Luz
Age: Over 60
Previous Occupation: Company Manager then owner of a Legal Services business until retiring.
Location Of Your Previous Career: Alice Springs

Why did you move to Bribie Island?
1/ Mild weather
2/ Location close to family and friends.
3/ Very good and easily accessible medical facilities.

red car driving along white sandy beach wit  blue ocean on left and side, buses on right and side,  where to retire in Australia
Beach Drive at Bribie Island,
Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland

What do you think the advantages are of living on Bribie Island?
1/ Plenty of sport and recreation facilities
2/ Excellent quiet seaside living.
3/ Very good modern shopping facilities – no need to leave the island.

There are now many families living here and commuting to work. There are a number of schools, including high school and a university not far away.
Bribie is a great place to live and play.

Alice Springs?

What do you miss about living in Alice Springs?
You do miss all your friends and contacts after leaving and need to take time and patience to build this up again in your chosen destination.

Your advice for people who would like to move to a new location after 50?
Read ‘Where To Retire in Australia’ this gave us a head start confirming all of the above.

Thanks Max and Luz…..(and a Disclaimer: We did not ask for a recommendation!)

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