Love to travel around Melbourne? Love meeting new people?

Are you retired but still looking for new challenges, a way to give back to the community and the chance to meet new people and see some new places? This might be for you!

Travellers Aid will launched the Medical Companions Project in early March 2011 wand brought together a dedicated team of volunteers from Melbourne with regional Victorians travelling to the city for medical appointments.

A large number of regional travellers are frail or people living with a disability that rely on family members to drive them to Melbourne. When assistance is not available, many people risk their health by delaying their appointments or not attending at all. From March, volunteers will be present at Southern Cross Station to accompany people to their appointments in the CBD.

As well as being central to the success of the program, Medical Companion Project volunteers will provide an amazing service to their fellow Victorians, they will act as ambassadors to their beautiful city and they will empower people that may not have the confidence to travel alone in the city.

Volunteers must be able to:
•complete one or two 4hr shifts per week between 9am & 6pm, Mon – Fri (rostering is flexible)
•attend 2 full days of training in Feb 2011
•begin assisting travellers in need from Mar 2011
•commit to a minimum 3-6 months (Mar-Dec 2011 commitment preferred)
•feel comfortable using public transport in Melbourne
•work well with senior citizens and people with disabilities
•demonstrate cultural sensitivity and professionalism

•A Certificate of Level 1 First Aid
•Cultural / Indigenous needs training
•Free travel on Zone 1 & 2 public transport on the day you are volunteering
•A heightened sense of well-being and self-esteem
•The opportunity to meet new people from regional areas
•The chance to get to know Melbourne better
•Improved mental and physical health gained from travelling, socialising and giving back to your community

If you would like to volunteer or find out more information about the Medical Companions Program, please phone 03 9654 2600.


Website is here

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