Southern Australia has shivered through some bracing days this winter. Brr!

During a cold snap, many people start thinking about days when you don’t have to be rugged up, have the heating on full blast or worry about the cost of heating.

It’s a time when some older people start to think about a permanent move to a warmer climate.

But where would you move? 

For some, the Sunshine Coast beckons.

For an indication of the climate:
Have a look at the Sunshine Coast Airport:
Mean maximum temperature:  25.5 C
Mean minimum temperature:    15.9C
(Bureau of Meteorology)

Population: 29,33
Median age: 45 years
% Over 65: 22.7%

Bribie Island
Population: 18,142
Median age: 59 years
% Over 65:  59 years

Population: 52,125
Median age: 47 years
% Over 65: 23.4%

Population:  2,221
Median age: 44 years
% Over 65: 17.2%

Population: 3,734|
Median age: 57 years
% Over 65: 36.3%

(ABS 2016 Census)

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One thought on “Looking For A Warmer Retirement?”
  1. […] So, it was to Australia they ventured. No way would they look at anywhere that they considered had a cool climate. Small or medium sized towns also had a line put through them.  Perth got a big tick, as did the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. […]

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