How To Find a Lifestyle Location

Australian is lucky to have many great locations.  Increasingly Australians are pursuing the ‘l’ word: lifestyle.  From small, medium and large sized rural communities to the coastal villages, towns and surfing spots – there’s a lot of choice.

There are many benefits of moving away from city living – according to the experts and people who have moved out of the big smoke.

Road with white lines going through a dark, green forest
Photo: Springbrook Queensland, Damon Hall

Easy Ways To Find A Lifestyle Location

It can be very hard to work out if a location would ‘fit’ you.
How do you find out about the area?
What’s it really like?

3 Easy Ways To Find Your New Lifestyle Location

A tip here:  Do your research. Carefully.

I’ve known people to move to places because they’ve had a nice holiday or friends suggested the area was good. That’s not exactly a great way to get to know an area.

Speak to as many people as you can – from newcomers to people who have lived in the area for a long time.

Ask them: What are their impressions? What do they like about an area? What are the challenges of living in the area?

Are the good and challenging parts of living in the area the same for all age groups?

Visit at all hours of the day/night.  A lady emailed after she had bought a copy of Where To Retire In Australia. She said they had bought their dream piece of land in a coastal area.

‘I wish we had visited the block of land during the night. The noise of trucks lumbering up the hill was way too noisy’.

Ambassador Max, one of our Ambassadors. said that he would not have moved to his lifestyle location if he hadn’t read Where To Retire In Australia.

Dusky photo of a surfer wading ito the ocean, A cliff  rocky outcrops beside him.
Photo: Byron Bay, New South Wales, Kate Trifo

Where’s Your Lifestyle Location?

Have you moved?

Are you thinking of moving?

What do you want in your new location?

Why not let us know your thoughts?

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