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Photo: Martha Lavinia Beach, King Island, Stu Gibson

Between mainland Australia and Tasmania in the Bass Strait is a small, rocky island called King Island. Despite its size, this island is renowned for its wonderful cuisine, fascinating geology, and beautiful environment.

The island was initially discovered by Europeans. It’s thought that Aboriginals may not have established a permanent settlement (although this seems to vary among historians).

The island developed into a centre for dairy production in the 20th century, and it’s still a significant business today.

With its rocky beaches, hills, and mild marine climate, King Island has a distinctive landscape. The island is approximately 64 kilometres long and about 24 kilometres wide, with an area of around  110,160 ha. The Calcified Forest and the Seal Rocks are just a few of the island’s breathtaking natural landmarks.

King Island Map: id community
Median Age45
Country Of Birth
New Zealand1.7%
Philippines 1.1%
Source: ABS 2021 Census
Mean Maximum Temperature17.0C
Mean Minimum Temperature10.0C
Mean Rainfall 858.7mm
Source: Bureau of Meteorology

The Cape Wickham Lighthouse, situated along the northern point of King Island, is surrounded by open, rural plains and a golf course. Golf enthusiasts enjoy visiting and playing amongst the spectacular scenery.

Cape Wickham Golf Course, Photo: Adam Gibson

The Island is well known for its beautiful surroundings, which feature rocky coasts, hills, and a wide variety of fauna.  Also, the island is home to a variety of protected areas, such as the King Island Marine Reserve, which is home to numerous rare marine species.

King Island Cuisine

King Island is well known for its delectable cuisine, especially its dairy and seafood offerings. Some of Australia’s greatest cheese and butter is made on King Island. As a result of the island’s plentiful pastures and climate, King Island cheese is especially well known for its distinctive flavour. The seafood on the island is renowned as well, especially the crayfish, abalone, and rock lobster.

Magnificent King Island. Famed for its produce (including dairy, seafood) -it's a great place to live too.  Jacqui and Shimon moved from Melbourne to experience the natural abundance of King Island.
King Island Dairy, Stu Gibson

King Island is an intriguing island with a rich history, distinctive terrain, pristine environment, and delectable cuisine. King Island offers something for everyone.

Living On King Island: Jacqui Brumley and Shimon Tchobutaru

For many King Island is a dream lifestyle location.  

Jacqui Brumley and Shimon Tchobutaru, an enterprising couple, moved from Melbourne to King Island in 2019.

Prior to moving, they had run a busy and successful yoga studio in Melbourne  for well over 20 years. They are very well regarded Yoga teachers. Many reviews of students testify to this: ‘welcoming , passionate, dedicated, genuine teachers, solid grounding in all aspects of Yoga, mind calming.…..’

Photo: Shimon Tchobutaru and Jacqui Brumley, King Island

The beauty and lifestyle of King Island attracted Jacqui and Shimon. 

‘There is an abundance of wildlife’, they add

Now semi retired, they ‘run Yoga retreats, retreats to rural Victoria and India, teach the locals as well as online classes. We have over 70 years of collective Yoga experience’.

‘We live on King Island, so as to live closer to nature, especially the ocean. Everywhere you go on King Island you are close to the sea’.

Having a small population makes for a close community. Jacqui and Shimon say the community has ‘wonderful people’. They also have ‘great neighbours’.

They are supporters of local businesses. If items are not available on King Island, there is online shopping.  However, it can be expensive: ‘one needs to be mindful of freight’.

Captivating King Island. Renowned for its delectable cuisine, scenery and fauna King Island is the place for those seeking a great lifestyle.
Photo: Shimon Tchobutaru and Jacqui Brumley, at the Pier, King Island

The cost of living is higher. Petrol, food and flights to mainland Tasmania and other parts of Australia are expensive.  The couple travel around King Island by car.

According to Jacqui and Shimon there are ‘good doctors’ on King Island but no specialists.

However, it seems that the abundant lifestyle and sheer beauty of King Island compensates for these issues.

Pristine, idyllic with plenty of the ‘L’ word (lifestyle), King Island really is the place we to be.

It’s definitely a King Island!

Yoga Retreats, King Island And Beyond

To find out more about Jacqui and Shimon’s Yoga retreats, online classes and more, please visit

(and watch out for a new website that is coming soon: )

Jill Weeks has been an educator and author for many years. She is the author of 21 Ways To Retire, which gives insights into how 21 Australians from different backgrounds adjusted to retirementShe is also the co-author with her husband, Owen, of several editions of Where To Retire In Australia and one of Retire Bizzi

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