Extreme Retirement? Jumpin’ Jim Brierley

Photo: Kamil Pietrzak
Photo: Arnaud Mesureur

We met  Jim Brierley some time ago.….He had been sky diving for quite a while, and had done 2,808 jumps, to date, and had also skydived in: Hawaii, NZ, Jordan, Switzerland, Bali and Canada.

His world ranking by age is ‘probably about 4th or 5th’.

When asked about his motto, he replied: ‘It sounds like a question I was once asked by an American war correspondent before an operation in Italy (which was aborted): “What do you guys shout before jumping; our boys yell ‘Geronimo’?

‘Nothing’ I replied. I think my answer is in there somewhere.

Oh, and by the way,when we met  Jim he was over 80 years of age, and Australia’s oldest active skydiver (as far as he could tell).

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