Issues And Your Retirement Paradise

If you are thinking of moving, how could you start to look at an area? Here are some issues to consider regarding your retirement paradise.

The following may be of assistance.

One Issue: Visit In All Seasons

Waterfall cascading down, Your Retirement Paradise.
Photo: Simon Berger

Visit in the busy season, the quiet season, the good and not so good weather times.

Rob and Janine had always thought they would move to the coast in retirement. Having spent many, long, happy holidays at a coastal village, plus many weekends, as they could they thought they ‘knew’ the area.  They would reluctantly leave the salt air and return to the city on a Sunday night.

One winter, they took time off from their work and decided to spend the week in their favourite coastal spot. 

‘I couldn’t believe how the area was like a ghost town. You could stand in the middle of the road and not see a person or car for ages’, said Janine.  

Photos: Soheb Zaidi

Another Retirement Paradise Issue: Will You Fit In?

Do your hobbies and interests correspond to what your intended area offers? 

Have a look at the local paper (for quite some time), what are the main stories?, what are the local issues?

Whilst there are many heart-warming stories of people having a tree or sea change, keep in mind that it may be that not all areas are as welcoming to strangers.

‘We never even look at your passport until you’ve been here 10 years’, a lady in an area popular with campers and fishers told me.

Photo: Raquel Pedrotti

Another Retirement Paradise Issue: Cost Of Living

Does the cost of living rise in peak times?  Does it stay the same?

Some areas we have visited have ‘local discounts’ – you have to be known to the shop keeper and also ask for a discount.

Compare prices.

There’s just a few issues when looking for your retirement paradise.

What issues are important to you?  Perhaps you have moved.  What issues did you look at before you moved? Have you found your ideal spot?

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