What are some of the issues to consider before you even think about moving in retirement?

Co-author of Where To Retire In Australia, Jill Weeks comments:

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2 thought on “Where To Retire? Home In On The Dream”
  1. Can anyone offer advice on where to get my hands on a copy of ‘Where to Retire in Australia’? Amazon, Dymocks, Angus & Robertson, Booktopia & Fishpond all say its unavailable. I’d be happy to buy second hand.
    Also it may be worth an article advising caution retiring to Regional Australia as many locations (even among popular destinations) are prone to flooding. You wouldn’t want to buy in an area only to find Flood Insurance prohibitively expensive let alone the clean up hassles. Nor would you want to find yourself cut off from essential services. Many councils in such areas have online access to Flood Maps & I would expect there to be resources available on precautions, preparation & action plans. I imagine you could Google house designs for flood prone areas & have personally imagined lending from the floating boat jetty for designing a buoyant car platform, assuming rising placid water, not surging water.

    1. Thanks Chris.

      Good idea re article on flooding.

      You could buy a book from us….it’s been a few years since published tho.

      Currently working on a similar book.

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