If someone suggested to you that, in your retirement, you sell up and travel the world visiting more than 150 cities in over 50 countries, and staying in Airbnb accommodation – would you do it? Many people want to have great travel in retirement, 

Debbie and Michael Campbell are doing just that! The inspiring couple have documented their journey in a wonderful book, ‘Your Keys, Our Home – The Senior Nomads’ Incredible Airbnb Journey’

They didn’t exactly set out to travel the world, in their retirement, staying in Airbnb’s.  Mary, one of their daughters suggested it when she saw their list of countries they wanted to visit, She then encouraged them to explore that accommodation option.

The Campbells sold their cars and a boat, leased their home and downsized possessions and left Seattle. Their first stop was Paris.

Written in a warm and engaging style, the couple outline the joys and challenges of travelling the world with limited luggage and a thirst for adventure.  Finding ‘quirky addresses’, having jet lag, ‘not knowing who or what’ will greet them at their next Airbnb, and dealing with ‘Flamingo pink décor’ – is all part of their retirement adventure.

Debbie and Michael have stayed in so many unique Airbnb’s. There has been a 300 year old farmhouse in County Wexford  a lovely apartment in Jerusalem  a stone bungalow in Cuba  and a place above a noisy bar in Dublin  – to name but a few.

Debbie says her title is ‘Head Provisioner and Entertainment Director’, whilst Michael is ‘Chief Traveller Planner’.

Back to their book: not only are there interesting stories of their travels staying in Airbnbs, there is also a list of Airbnbs at which  they have stayed,  how they choose destinations, memorable hosts, handy hints for owners of Airbnbs, and many mentions of the kindness and friendliness of strangers.

I asked Michael what his definition of ‘retirement’ is:

‘In years past, your question would have had a simple answer but that is not the case today as so many people “reinvent” and personalize retirement to fit their own circumstances and life goals.

For us, retirement was never going to look like a traditional model of stopping working and sitting in our rocking chairs until death do us part. Having said that, we never imagined that we would become Senior Nomads in retirement since we only heard of Airbnb (and the sharing economy as it relates to homes) 6 months before we left Seattle. 

We still are not sure what retirement looks like for the years still ahead of us.   Health will be the biggest driver, but at some point we both expect to go back to work. We love the work that we did all the years and still are full of ideas to start new businesses or contribute in one way or another for as long as the Lord gives us on this earth’.

Happy and safe travels Debbie and Michael.

You can buy their book on Amazon Click here

And…… make sure you read their latest adventures via:   http://seniornomads.com  or Click here

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