By Paul Chenoweth*

Looking for a good retirement spot?

Keeping the Dragon Tamed after Retirement. Gleaned from ‘The Quiet Retiring Hype’ (article in ‘The Australian newspaper by Tim Blue) are the following 8 items that Owen and Jill Weeks (co-authors ‘Where To Retire In Australia) identify as some of the key elements to finding a successful retirement locale.

What Do You Need In A Good Retirement Spot?

*Availability of broadband Internet
*Access to rail or air transportation
*Sociability of the new community
*Car repair if you drive anything out of the ordinary
*How many TV Channels are available
*Will your cell phone connect you to (pizza) delivery

surfer standing on beach with surfboard about to go into ocean
Photo: Alex King

It just seemed interesting to me that not just Internet access, but  broadband access ranks so high among the list of priorities. In a stereotypical list for seniors, one might expect to see newspaper delivery rather than Internet access as a priority.

I would venture a premise that the current generation of soon-to-be retired will completely re-define what has been a traditional season of slowing down and a new generational gap in how one retires will emerge.

Just wait… you’ll be checking out Sharper Image in a few years for a Titanium, solar powered rocking chair with a built-in wireless laptop and  hands-free, stereo, voice activated cell phone connection…on a GPS guided golf cart, no doubt. 

Ah yes, chasing the technology dragon, retirement style!

*Paul Chenoweth, Belmont University, Nashville, TN USA

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