Have you ever thought of how you will find your retirement location?

Many dream of moving when they retire.  Pack up, move, have fun.

Enjoy your retirement.

Sounds easy?

It’s not as simple as it seems.

tree-in retirement- beach-town
Photo: Scott Webb

Where will you retire?

Some may retire to the coast, have a ‘seachange‘. For others the country is the place to be in their retirement – a treechange

And for some retirees, the city and surrounds is just the place to be in retirement.

We’ve met people who have moved when they retired and it’s been ‘the best thing since sliced bread was invented’.

Others have not been so lucky.  And. There have been multiple moves for them.

This has been a costly experience – financially and emotionally.

But. Should you move at all?

What is important to you?

If you have a partner, what are their wants and needs?

Do you have ‘everything’ on your list right where you are now – or nearby?

Marina with yachts houses overlooking marina
Photo: Grant Ritchie

How will you find your ideal retirement location?

Will you get it ‘right’ the first time?

What factors may mean you have to move again in retirement?

It can be difficult to foresee why you may move again. Health reasons? Changed family circumstances? Missing your previous location? Missing friends? Perhaps your new location has changed – and you don’t like it. Perhaps there has been large housing developments? Tourists have ‘found’ your paradise? Holiday season means you can’t park your car, you have to shop very early or it’s difficult to move about easily. Or perhaps your area hasn’t progressed at all.

It’s difficult to find the ‘perfect’ location. But. Doing some research well before moving is important. Go and speak to locals – believe me, some of them will really tell you exactly what goes on – which may be helpful.

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