He’s The Old Fella who gave up shearing for stand-up and won hearts around the country with his performances on Australia’s Got Talent. 68-year-old retired farmer, Rod Gregory, was stunned to make it to the top four in the grand final. He didn’t expect to make it through the first audition!’ (BOCS Ticketing).

We had a quick chat with the very approachable Rod Gregory (aka ‘The Old Fella’) about his new life.

How long were you a farmer for?
I am a fourth generation farmer on the Yorke Peninsula (South Australia).

Any similarities between farming and performing?
The only similarities that I can think of is, the knot I get in my stomach before I go on stage is similar to the knot farmers feel pretty well most of the time waiting for rain or sales etc. Now it only lasts a few minutes,

How long have you been performing?
I have been performing for 2 ½ years

What made you want to go on Australia’s Got Talent?
The reason I joined Aust Got Talent was for two reasons, first I have never auditioned for any thing before and I thought it would be a great experience, (I like to collect experiences) and, secondly, I had just done my own fringe show and I could see that if I wanted to be able to sell tickets to “THE OLD FELLA” I needed to get a “NAME”. I was hoping to get 2mins on national TV just to show people what they were buying if the purchased a ticket to one of my shows

Where is the most unusual place you have performed?
I have performed all over Australia, but the one that comes to mind was at Olympic Dam a mine site in the outback of SA, (at 6.30am and outside) to about 60 miners who had just come off the night shift. I have a couple of great ones to do; one is in WA on a small island called Useless Loop.

Do you write all your own material?
I do write my own material and most of it is from past experience, I also use a few good jokes we were sharing around the shearing shed floor back in the 50s and 60s

What are the best parts about ‘your new life’?
The part I enjoy most is when I am on stage, I always get about halfway through a set and find a bit of wood to touch as I realize how lucky am I; to have something like this to do in my retirement. We also both like to travel and what better way to see this great country.

And the challenges of performing?
The challenge to me is to keep my set fresh and vibrant, it is also up to me to try and keep my profile in front of the public as much as possible,

What is your concept of ‘retirement’?
My concept of retirement is to use the time you have left to follow YOUR dream, not your partner’s or your children’s, or even your parents, but your dream; the thing you may have kept to yourself all your life. Some would say it is not possible, but believe me anything is possible, that is not the question. The question is HOW do I make this possible?

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