John Banky is no ordinary dentist. He has a passion for helping and innovation. He is the inventor of ‘Dentist In A Box’, the Dental Emergency Kit….something no-one should leave home without!

Tell us about Dentist In A Box
Common dental problems such as a lost filling, chipped tooth, irritation
caused by jagged or sharp edge can all be temporarily relieved with
Dentist In A Box (Base kit) while Tooth Trauma Care kit can also provide
immediate care for a loosened or knocked out tooth.

Both kits assume no prior knowledge providing simple, easy to follow instructions. The kits are designed as first aid measures until you can locate your dentist.

When used as directed they provide an alternative to pain-killers often
reducing the quantities required – as we all know dental problems always
occur at the most inconvenient time!

Recreational activities are often associated with dental injury usually affecting adolescents often involving the front, visible teeth. The fate of the injured tooth/teeth is often determined by actions at the time of the injury not by the dentist subsequently. Often only simple, basic actions are required but most people, including first-aiders and medical practitioners, do not know how to deal with dental injury or lack the materials.

What has been the response to the kits?
The response to the kits has been very positive and are used by people travelling for business or pleasure, work sites in remote and isolated locations, schools and sporting codes at varying levels. The numbers of repeat sales from all areas and increasing numbers of kits being sold indicates a need for it.

Where can you buy the kit?
The web provides a steady stream of overseas enquiries and sales. Some pharmacies do stock some of the kits, our website
provides an order form for mail order which is delivered by Australia

For further details and to order Dentist In A Box Click Here

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