Where To Retire In Australia: where is your ‘right’ retirement location?

5 Suggestions

Move or stay? Downsize or upsize? Renovate or renew? There are many decisions to be made about where to live in retirement, and choosing the right retirement location is one of them.

1/. Make a checklist of all the thing you want in a retirement location.

Is this the same as your partner’s?  

Country, city or coastal. Choosing The 'Right' Retirement Location
Photo: Werner Sevenster

Do you really want to move from your area?

2/. Do your research.  

Go and visit different locations.

Where to live in retirement, Choosing The 'Right' Retirement Location
Photo: Jenna Day

3/.Go and stay there in the ‘off season’.

That’s right..when the weather is not great, visitors aren’t in town. 

What’s your impression of the place?

4/.  Subscribe to be the local newspaper…for at least 18 months.

Living in retirement, Choosing The 'Right' Retirement Location
Photo: Roman Kraft

What are the issues?

What are the concerns?

Is it a sporting place?  

A cultural place?

5/. What are the real estate options?

Is there a lot of real estate for sale?

How long do properties usually stay on the market?

What type of property?
For example, is a hobby farm right for you?

There are many things to consider when choosing the right retirement location.

What’s ‘right’ for one person may not be ‘right’ for another person.

This is also true for couples choosing their ‘right’ retirement location.

You may not get all the facilities you want in a new location, so working out the important things well before you move is a good idea.

A checklist of needs and wants could be drawn up.

What’s at the top of your list?

What’s in the middle?

What’s at end of the list?

If you have a partner, it’s worthwhile doing separate lists and comparing them. Any surprises there?

Various single people have often commented they didn’t realise an area was so ‘couple centric’. Having a look at an area via the Australian Bureau of Statistics Community Profiles may provide some insight.

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