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What do people do in ‘retirement’? Side hustles, ‘gigs’, hobbies, part time work, helping others – these are just some of the activities in people’s second lives.  Some people don’t ever retire in the true sense.

Around the world an increasing number of people are pursuing lifestyle careers, hobbies and businesses. When we were writing the first edition of
Where To Retire In Australia, we came across many people around Australia who had ‘retired’ and then started a profitable hobby, small business or had found work for a few days a week. We wrote up 101 of the stories in Retire Bizzi.

Although the income was important, it wasn‘t the only reason they had discovered new ways of working and having fun. For many it was a chance to do something they loved, have a new experience and contribute to the community. Most people said they could not imagine ‘not doing something’.
We have a large number of stories of people here and overseas who are having the time of their lives.

So what do people do in their retirements?

Gareth Andrews, for example, is the founder of Life Again, which  ‘aims to inspire men to be their best’.  He asks ‘Have you done your best work yet?’.

Carole Jones, also know as the ‘Ironing Diva’  has sold thousands of ironing board covers around the world from her rural property.

Stephen Peterson, ewrites blogs, opinion pieces, short stories and is an author of a book:  ‘On Turning 55 (or 65, or older’).

Lorna Prendergast graduated from  Melbourne University, with a Master of Ageing – at age 90. Her thesis aims to help older people respond in a positive way to music.

We aim to bring you inspiring stories here.