What do you do if you want to pursue something else after having a broad career that includes aged care and property management? Well, if you’re like Tracy Holt, you’ll consider your qualifications and experience. Then you launch Tracy Drives, a service for individuals of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds who require transportation to appointments, pick-up from school, or other travel requirements.

Tracy resides in the stunning Shoalhaven region of Australia. Information on the region is available here. In our Where To Retire In Australia books and other publications, we have visited the region and written about it.

Shoalhaven City Council area, outlined in black. Map: .id community
long piece of land that has numerous white boats on the right hand side, has blue ocean on both sides on the land, with a small village on the right hand side.
Bush land iis n the distance, tracy drives
Boats moored in Currambene Creek, Huskisson in Jervis Bay. Photo: Dee Kramer

What was Tracy’s background before starting her business?
‘I have worked in a wide range of organisations over the years, however, the most challenging, and enjoyable was the five plus years I spent at an aged care provider.

Originally, I was employed as a Care Worker.  I would visit a small group of clients (some with Dementia) for their daily-care requirements. On other occasions I was part of the Scheduling Team.

I enjoyed both roles.  Both had their challenges, meeting tight deadlines, whilst accommodating the rapidly changing needs of the clients’.

Tracy’s clients loved outings.  She said the expression on their faces was ‘priceless’.

Career Change

‘In 2019, I thought that I needed a career change and went into property management.  It was close to home, and it was convenient. However, I missed the job satisfaction’.  

Tracy started ‘Tracy Drives’ when she needed a change from the high pressure environment.

‘I found that all I really needed was an open heart and a curious mind’

She had a look at buying a driving franchise. However, Tracy decided to create her own business, with encouragement from her husband, John, and Jamie McAinsh of the Marketing Clan

Who are the clients of Tracy Drives ?

‘The elderly, who have developed sensory changes and have lost the confidence to drive. Sometimes it takes a missed Dr’s appointment or a concerned neighbour before it is picked up that the individual has become isolated.

Tracy and Clive, one of her clients

People with underlying health issues, and people who have just had a medical procedure or an operation can sometimes find keeping family and friends updated on their latest condition tiring, even though they act out of concern.

Parents of children with additional needs often agonise over the decision to leave work early so that they can pick their child up from school and transport them to their appointments.

Tracy Drives: More Than Transportation

The burden is also eased by offering more than just transportation. It requires someone to wait outside the classroom or school gate, walk them across the road, check the seat belt is fastened properly, drive them to their appointment, wait in the consultation area, and lastly drive them safely home’.

A surfer alone on a surfboard a way off shore on a blue green ocean. There are buildings on the shore.
Mollymook Beach, NSW, Photo: Thomas Yohei

The Rewarding part of Tracy Drives?
‘The first client trip, it actually feels real.  

Tracy assisting a client named Clive

Prior to that it was theoretical considerations, studying the data, the situation, any likely outcomes, and any potential risks.

Some people have a remarkable talent for this (my husband is one of these people).

I believe that I have a little intuitive power (like most women)’.


Like many businesses there are challenges, such as ‘the ever-changing and always increasing compliances and governance regulations make it changeling to stay compliant whilst moving the business forward’.

The Covid-19 pandemic would have been a challenge for Tracy Drives.

‘Thank goodness it is on a decline and the mandatory laws no longer want us to wear masks, self-isolate and show our vaccine status’.

Tracy Drives is a good news story of a career changer who has found her niche. She uses her skills and experience to assist others whilst providing an essential service.


Email: tracy@tracydrives.com.au

Mobile: 0427 696 975

Website: www.tracydrives.com.au

Tracy Drives is available Monday to Friday, from 8am until 5pm or by an appointment.

(Closed for two weeks over Christmas and the New Year period only).


Great video here

(Thanks to Jamie McAinsh and the Marketing ClanWalsh & Morgan )

Jill Weeks has been an educator and author for many years. She is the author of 21 Ways To Retire, which gives insights into how 21 Australians from different backgrounds adjusted to retirementShe is also the co-author with her husband, Owen, of several editions of Where To Retire In Australia and one of Retire Bizzi

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