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Where To Retire In Australia

‘An exceptional source of insider information’ Dr Geoff Lee

‘This book is head and shoulders the best available resource. Those who use the book as a guide are likely to achieve their dreams’.
Andrew Caplin, Professor of Economics, New York University

‘Australians are living longer. We spend more time in retirement. And we are more active in retirement. As well, many Australians, in their retirement years are financially comfortable. Where To Retire In Australia will help people to make their choice of where to live – for all or part of their retirement years’.
Dr Don Stammer
Independent Economist, Company Director

‘Where To Retire In Australia also allows retirees and their partners to consider their own essential and desirable features of a potential retirement destination, and then provides a well researched and interesting overview of the most popular destinations in Australia. Any retiree considering a “seachange” should read this book first before making any move’.
Dr Michael Davies, Griffith University

Retire Bizzi

Whilst travelling around Australia researching the best places to retire, we met people who had ‘retired’ and then either gone back to work on a full or part time basis, started a small business or a profitable hobby…without risking their retirement income. Most importantly they were doing something they loved!

‘Retire Bizzi has 101 stories put together by Jill and Owen Weeks. These are fascinating stories of retirees who have enthusiastically, purposefully, and zestfully adopted the notion of retiring “bizzi” and are celebrated in this book.

The authors create a vivid picture of how people from diverse walks of life have altered their retirement experience through a tapestry of 101 personal stories. Each narrative highlights the essence of active and fulfilling retirement living, from starting second occupations to discovering undiscovered passions, from getting involved in charitable causes to taking international travel.

Retire Bizzi shows how retirement may be a doorway to self-discovery and fulfilment, serving as a source of inspiration and support.’


21 Ways To Retire 

In this insightful book, 21 Australians give their views on retiring. All 21 people come from different backgrounds and have interesting stories to tell.


First edition of Where To Retire In Australia


Owen and Jill have contributed to the book: Best Places To Retire In The World

Owen and Jill have contributed to the publication: The International Retirement Directory

Jill has contributed a chapter to the U.K. book Money and Finance: Top Habits For A Successful Retirement

The QANTAS ‘Up And Away’ inflight radio interviewed Jill on Where To Retire In Australia

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