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Tell us about your business Classic Diecast
Classic Diecast is an online business and information portal selling original Dinky brand diecast models, together with William Britain (Britains) brand lead, hollowcast & diecast toy soldiers and models.

Only trading in premium models, Classic Diecast is a niche-market business where all models & boxes are original; never any repaints or reproductions.

Dealing in fixed-price trading, Classic Diecast`s `point of difference’ is a personalised high level of customer service, no auction fees or buyer`s premium, together with providing free worldwide postage.

How long have you been operating the business?
Since October 2010, after 18 months research and market analysis.

Have you always been involved in a similar field?
No. I have a diverse career background including natural health therapies where lifestyle advice became as important as the health treatment; life coaching then became an extension of my health practice in 1999 with this developing into Owen Solo Business, a business coaching service for the solo & micro business owner.

What made you begin the business?
I love people who have enthusiasm for what they do, whether at work or play; who could be more enthusiastic than a hobbyist or collector? They have a passion for their collections that others may find hard to understand.

I chose the Dinky and Britains products as they were in the toy & hobby shops when I was growing up; there was a gap in the market for premium product & service and I learnt the basis of web site construction working with a business coaching client several years ago.

Will you ever retire?
I don`t think so. I love the satisfaction of creating & maintaining my own solo business too much; I feel the need to keep learning and hope that I can pass on my experiences to others.

Is your business mainly online?
Yes, it is online only.
I have full control of the website, maintaining an e-commerce facility, changing/updating content and also taking care of the `search engine optimisation’.

Where do you send your models?
Worldwide with free postage.
Most customers are from English-speaking countries but I have sent a Dinky aircraft to Sweden. Also this is not only a business for the guys, one of my earliest transactions was the sale of a diecast tractor to a girl living on a farm in Indiana.

What are some of the challenges about your business?
Poor quality, bargain-price product appearing on online auction websites; this gives the perception that this is the marketplace standard when in fact the reverse is true – the model gradings traded by Classic Diecast are similar to those of Vectis, Special Auction Services and Wallis & Wallis in the UK who are among the world`s leading toy auctioneers.

Also, ensuring that Search Engine Optimisation is always up-to-date; being an online business I need to be at the top, or near-top of Google search results.

And the good parts?
Sharing the pleasure when I can supply a customer with that special model; being able to respond promptly and personally to customer`s email questions – no auto responses.

Being able to make business decisions quickly and to act on them; enjoying the flexible working hours of having a 24 hour-a-day global business.

What`s your favourite model? Why?
The Dinky Avro York Airliner #70A/704. I`ve always had an interest in planes and as a boy was in the Australian Air League.

This original model was produced by Dinky 1946-48 and was one on the last propeller-driven airliners prior to the introduction of jet transport in the 1950`s – be sorry to see this one go.

How do people get in touch with you?
Website : or Click here
Email :
Mobile : 0402 008 251

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