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Do you dream about retiring to Australia’s coastline? Look nowhere else! Australia has a wide selection of good seaside retirement communities thanks to its stunning coastline and laid-back way of life. This article may assist you in identifying the top seaside locations in Australia where you can live out your retirement dreams.

We’ve been researching the best places to retire in Australia for many years. From Cairns to Cygnet, Ballina to Broome and beyond – Australia has many choices for a retirement location.

Noosa, Queensland: A Seaside Retirement Haven in Queensland

The Sunshine Coast city of Noosa is a favourite choice for retirees looking for a tranquil seaside lifestyle. Discover Noosa’s pristine beaches, thriving arts scene, and breathtaking national parks to experience the best of Queensland’s seaside retirement communities. Noosa delivers a laid-back and satisfying retirement experience, from leisurely strolls along Noosa Main Beach to indulging in delectable food on Hastings Street.

When we went to get a New Resident’s Kit, we found that it contained a ‘Cyclone Warning Kit’. Quite a sensible item to include if you are thinking of living in a tropical area.

Beach scene from high up, aquamarine water, sandy beach, people in water, people walling along beach, mountains in background
Photo: Lukas Spirig

Port Macquarie, New South Wales: Coastal Retirement Bliss in New South Wales

You may find coastal retirement bliss in Port Macquarie, New South Wales.  It’s a great option for retirees looking for the ideal balance of seaside beauty and urban amenities. Beautiful beaches, verdant rainforests, and a flourishing arts and cultural scene can all be found in this area. Look into volunteering opportunities at the famed Koala Hospital, fishing excursions, and coastline walks. A well-rounded retirement lifestyle may just your thing in Port Macquarie thanks to the abundance of healthcare services and the variety of recreational opportunities.

White sandy beach, blue waves, town on a slight hill behind sandy beach, mountains in background
Lighthouse Beach Port Macquarie Photo: Jack Bass

Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula , a Favoured Retirement Location

The Mornington Peninsula, which is only a short drive from Melbourne, is a paradise for seniors looking for a coastal vacation. Enjoy breathtaking beaches, beautiful coastal walks, top-notch wines, and fine dining. The Mornington Peninsula in Victoria offers a relaxing and upscale retirement experience with picturesque villages including Sorrento, Portsea, and Mount Martha.

For those who want some land around them, take a look at the ‘other’ side of the Peninsula.

four multi coloured bathing boxes, on white sandy beach
Bathing Boxes, Mornington Peninsula, Photo: Pat Whelen

Tasmania’s Coastal Tranquilly at St. Helens

St. Helens, which is on Tasmania’s east coast, is a hidden gem for retirees looking for peace and gorgeous scenery. This seaside community offers a serene retirement experience with gorgeous white sandy beaches, clear waterways, and spectacular views. Explore the neighbourhood Bay of Fires, go fishing, or just unwind in St. Helens’ tranquility.

orange lichen on large rocks in front of a wave coming in, blue sea
Humbug Point reserve, near St Helens, Photo: David Clode

Victor Harbor, South Australia: South Australia’s Coastal Serenity

Just one hour’s drive from Adelaide in South Australia, Victor Harbor is a tranquil coastal beauty. This town has a calm atmosphere with its old horse-drawn tram, granite beach, and numerous wildlife encounters. Visit Granite Island for leisurely picnics, see Southern Right whales play in Encounter Bay, or savour fresh seafood at neighbourhood markets.
There’s a lot for retirees to do, as we found out on our research trips to Victor Harbor. For retirees looking for a friendly area and a sense of community, Victor Harbor offers both.

from a cliff looking towards a town with a rocky island in the middle of a bay, water is a grey green colour
Victor Harbor Photo: Zac Edmonds

Western Australia’s Laid-Back Coastal Living in Busselton

Busselton, in Western Australia, is a place for people seeking a laid-back coastal retirement lifestyle.  It’s tucked away on the shores of Geographe Bay.

Busselton, is well-known for its recognisable jetty jutting into the Indian Ocean. The jetty is around 1.8 kilometres in length and is heritage protected.

Busselton also  provides a variety of outdoor activities for nature lovers. With gorgeous beaches, friendly inhabitants, and a tight-knit community, this town makes an ideal retirement destination, whether you enjoy swimming, fishing, or seeing the adjacent Margaret River wine region.

Where do you intend to retire in Australia?  There are many great seaside retirement communities in the nation, which provide spectacular coastal beauty and a relaxed way of life.

Underneath a jetty with large poles and looking out towards a blue green sea, low tide
Busselton Jetty, Phot: Myrna Kent Patrick

Best Retirement Places In Australia

These coastal havens may make the ideal retirement location for you. Whether you’re drawn to Noosa’s sunny shores, Port Macquarie’s cultural centre, Victor Harbor’s historic appeal, or Busselton’s peaceful atmosphere.

So start this exciting new chapter of your life and make memories that will last a lifetime at Australia’s best seaside retirement communities. Start your search right away to locate the best retirement community in Australia!

Jill Weeks has been an educator and author for many years. She is the author of 21 Ways To Retire, which gives insights into how 21 Australians from different backgrounds adjusted to retirementShe is also the co-author with her husband, Owen, of several editions of Where To Retire In Australia and one of Retire Bizzi

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