Many individuals find Bribie Island’s gorgeous scenery to be a desirable place to live.

It is simple to understand why people are drawn to the Island.

Approximately 88 kilometers north of Brisbane, this area features stunning coastline scenery, a variety of fauna, and a laid-back environment.

For overnight stays or day trips, Bribie Island is ideal.

It’s a great place to live, according to locals we have interviewed.

We’ve researched Bribie Island several times, and receive regular updates.

Beach scene with green grass to the left hand side, person on a paddle board in the water, three people watching the paddle border, a white small yacht in the water
Bongaree Foreshore located on Bribie Island
Photo Credit: Tourism and Events Queensland

Max, for example, chose Bribie Island to live because of its mild weather.

Being close to family and friends was a plus.  He also liked that there were very good and accessible medical facilities.

What do you think the advantages are of living on Bribie Island?

1/.Plenty of sport and recreation facilities
2/ Excellent quiet seaside living.
3/ Very good modern shopping facilities – no need to leave the island.

There are now many families living here and commuting to work. There are a number of schools, including high school and a university not far away.
Bribie is a great place to live and play.

Four people standing on a beach looking an an item. 4Wd in distacne
Family walking along the beach, while on a Bribie Island 4WD Beach and Fort Bribie Bunker Tour
Photo Credit: Tourism and Events Queensland

What do you miss about living in Alice Springs?

You do miss all your friends and contacts after leaving and need to take time and patience to build this up again in your chosen destination.

Your advice for people who would like to move to a new location after 50?

Read ‘Where To Retire in Australia’ 

This gave us a head start confirming all of the above.

Thanks Max and Luz…..(and a Disclaimer: We did not ask for a recommendation!)

Median age63
Source: ABS 2021 Census
Country of Birth 
Australia  72.4%
Other Top Responses:
England   8.1%
New Zealand 4.7%
South Africa  0.8%
Netherlands  0.7%
Source: ABS 2021 Census

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