With a population of just over 800, Kaniva in far western Victoria, has been named Australia’s most optimistic town, by the Centre for Optimism. Chief Optimism Office, Victor Perton, has been very impressed with Kaniva.

I was also impressed with how Kaniva looked, on my last visit. At the Windmill Cafe there were friendly, smiling staff, who served fresh, delicious food. The coffee was also well worth the stop.


Optimistic People Of Kaniva

The Centre for Optimism asked the people of Kaniva ‘What Makes You Optimistic’?

Here are some of the responses:
People caring for each other’
‘Can Do attitude’
‘A hopeful town’
‘Opportunity oriented’
‘Life Experience’
‘People with passion’
‘Faith in the future’
‘Successful ancestors’
‘Business going well after a horror 2020’
‘Faith in people

You can see more here

Australian Bureau of Statistics

In the 2016 ABS Census, the population was 803, with the median age in Kaniva being 49 years.  Victoria had a median age of 37, and Australia had a median age of 38 years.
People aged 65 years and over made up 26.5% of the population.

Country of Birth:
In Kaniva 88.8% of people were born in Australia.
The most common countries of birth were:
England 2.1%
India 1.7%
New Zealand 0.6%
Scotland. 0.5%
USA 0.5%

What are the occupations of people in Kaniva?
Top Responses:
Hospital (except Psychiatric Hospitals) 11.2%
Sheep farming (specialised) 9.3%
Other grain growing 9.3%
Grain sheep or grain beef cattle 8.1%
Local government administration 7.0%

To celebrate being named Australia’s most optimistic town, Kaniva hosted an ‘optimism pub dinner’.

It’s reported that there are plans to make optimism even more infectious in Kaniva, that may promote growth in the town.

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