has released a list of destinations people want to retire to. Australia is in the top ten places. Journalist Salman Haqqi writes: ‘France tops the list for being the most popular destination people want to retire to, with 20 countries searching about retiring here more than anywhere else’. France’s usually pleasant weather, laidback lifestyle and wine and food regions are a big drawcard for those wanting to escape their country in retirement.

Australia came in fifth (in a tie with Thailand)

Top Places To Retire To: The List

  1. France
  2. Canada
  3. Portugal
  4. Australia (tied with Thailand)
  5. Thailand (tied with Australia)
  6. Spain
  7. Costa Rica (tied with Germany)
  8. Germany (tied with Costa Rica)
  9. New Zealand
  10. Turkey
  11. Belgium (tied with Malaysia)
  12. Malaysia (tied with Belgium) list: ‘Where the world wants to retire’

A Worldwide Guide To Retirement Desinations

We contributed to the Australian chapter of  Louise and Simon Hudson’s 310 page book, A Worldwide Guide To Retirement Destinations

They spoke to people who had moved to different countries for their perspectives. For example, Louise and Simon spoke with a couple with backgrounds in advertising and fashion had moved to the French Alps. C’est magnifique!

Couple in ski gear sitting on chairs in the snow, he wearing a red coat, she wearing a black and white coat, toasting each other with glasses, Australia IIs n The Top Ten Places To Retire To


Haqqi writes that Australia’s quality of life is a drawcard for retirees, plus the ‘typically sunny weather’.   Mmm! Australia is a large country and the climate differs between states.

For example Far North Queensland’s climate is very different to Tasmania’s.  The climate in Orange  (New South Wales) is different to Margaret River (Western Australia).

trees with autumn leaves with sun shining through along a road, Australia Is In The Top Ten Places To Retire To
Fiery autumn leaves on trees lining a quiet street in Mount Wilson. Credit: Destination NSW

We’ve met with people from the U.K. who had moved to Spain to retire. For various reasons they wanted to leave Spain and Australia was on their ‘radar’.  One of their observations was that ‘Australians tend to have small gardens’. They were under the impression that because Australia was a large country, residents would have large gardens.  Some people do, but you may find this to be more the case in rural areas.

The Sunshine Coast Of Australia

Others from the U.K. like Jenny and Geoff fell in love with Queensland’s Sunshine Coast

They love the ‘Outdoor living with (in our case) lots of warm water leisure opportunities; friendly easy going people; cheaper cost of living than the UK; excellent cuisine and wine’.

aerial photo of beach with buildings along the breach, surfers and swimmers in the water, forest of trees behind buildings, Australia Is In The Top Ten Places To Retire To
Aerial shot over Noosa Main Beach, Credit Tourism and Events Queensland

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