Art Beavis is a (retired) Marketing Manager who hasn’t stopped. Art’s motto is: ‘People don’t have a Use By Date’.

That is certainly true of the energetic and creative Art.

SilverTemp, established by Art, is an ‘innovative agency dedicated to placing senior people in temporary, part-time or casual employment’.

Art says that when he first retired people would ask, ‘What are you doing with your time?”, and he said he replied like many people, ‘A bit of this and a bit of that, with some golf.’

It was not long before Art decided to create SilverTemp, after hearing many retirees wanted to work on a casual, part-time or full-time basis. ‘It keeps my mind going’ he says.

Forget the stereotype of retirees. Retirement is not one long holiday to many retirees. ‘Senior people really want to work’, says Art.

The people that send Art résumés are not always looking for the same kind of work they used to do: ‘I’ve had a psychologist apply because she didn’t want to hear other people’s problems anymore. Everybody has different skill sets, and all kinds of people like to do different things’.

Many different people have applied to SilverTemp, including desk top publishers, warehouse workers, town planners, teachers, book-keepers, accountants and hospitality workers to name but a few! Almost all people have been placed in a clerical role.

The benefits of hiring a senior person are many and Art’s blog lists
‘10 Good Reasons To Employ a Senior’.

What was your previous occupation?
International Marketing Manager for Australia’s largest macadamia processor and export marketer.

How long had you been in the occupation?
18 years from 1991 to 2008.

Why did you leave it?
I retired at age 70 to let a younger person hassle with airports security.

What is your occupation now?
Managing Director of SilverTemp an employment agency for seniors.

What have been the challenges?
Networking and promoting the SilverTemp concept to local businesses in the Northern Rivers region.

And the good things?
Meeting so many interesting, enthusiastic seniors who want to keep on contributing to successful businesses.

How do you market yourself?
Networking, press ads, speaking at service clubs, word of mouth, distribution of flyers to individual businesses and a little TV too.

Do you have tips for people thinking about having a ‘second career’?
I suggest they look into some of the government sponsored re-training programs and also to persevere even when it seems futile. Jobs come up when you least expect them; and always project a positive approach to what you want to do and what you can do…employers respond well to determined people.

Will you ever ‘retire’?
Probably not until the grim reaper gets me.

Visit The Silver Temp Website Here

Call Art Beavis on 0448 244 111

PS: Art is seeking expressions of interest from ‘like minded seniors who’d consider starting a SilverTemp branch in their area.’

Update:  Art says: We are actively seeking seniors in regional areas who might be  interested in starting a branch of SilverTemp because that seems to be the only way we’re going to get our mature age citizens back into the workforce

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