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Should you move before your retirement? Where will you live in your retirement? Dreams of far-off lands and new experiences are frequently sparked by retirement. Although travelling and experiencing new cultures and landscapes can be appealing, some retirees prefer to remain in the area they live.  The surroundings they have known for a long time are often an enticement.

Photo of a city highway beside a large blue river with city building in the background. Some people look to live near a river and in a city building in retirement..
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Here’s seven reasons why some people retire where they are now living.

1. Solid Community: Staying in one location for a long time forges enduring ties with neighbours, friends, and local organisations. These connections create a network of support that offers not only companionship but also a sense of belonging that may be difficult to find elsewhere.

2. Familiarity: In a new place, it may be challenging to develop a sense of ease. However, maintaining familiarity with the streets, stores, and local services can help. You are aware of the location of your preferred grocery store, top coffee shop, speciality store, good park where you (and perhaps your furry friend) go for morning walks.

A town hall in a country town through large trees. Some people live to move to country towns in retirement.
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3. Things To Do: Just because you retire, it doesn’t imply completely slowing down. By remaining in your community, you can keep on taking part in clubs, hobby organisations, and volunteer endeavours that you have been a part of for years. These activities can mean that meaning and purpose are part of your everyday life.

4. Reliable Medical Services: This is a very important aspect. When considering where you may live in retirement, you should consider the medical services in your area. You may already have good relationships with medical professionals and are familiar with medical services in your area.

5. Family and Friends: How close your family and friends are to you may depend on where you live. Having said that, I’ve encountered a number of people over the years who relocate, claiming that their new location will attract more family and friends.

6. By considering the cost of living in your location during retirement, you may make a wise decision to stay put. Understanding local costs enables you to keep an accurate financial picture and make judgements.

What is the cost of living like in your possible new location?

It’s suggested that consulting a professional is wise.

7. Due to the accessibility of transport, staying close to your area in retirement may offer various options. Having transport nearby can make for easier access to activities and social events.

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